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Gadjet Productions offers a wide array of sound reinforcement packages for almost any budget.  With our sound reinforcement package, we offer heavily discounted or free live live recordings.  All systems are operated by Gadjet Technicians and include all of the necessary microphones and cables.  Please feel free to call or e-mail for a price quote or to get more information.  Listed prices are a base rate and not usually the actual price you will be offered. 

Available Extras

Live multi-track recordings (mastered in a studio) $100

Small lighting rig $50

Equipment pick up $50

System 1: Public address

This system may be used by a band for a smaller bar show, the MP's double as monitors.

System rate: $60


System 2: Live band 50-150 people

System rate:  $150 

System 3: Live band 100-350 people

System Rate:  $225

System 4: Live band 250-1500 people

Please note this system requires about 40 amps of power and the speaker stacks are about 9 feet tall by 5 feet wide each.  So make sure in advance that the location of the event can accommodate such a large system.

System rate:  $350



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