Gadjet Productions offers four different options for recording.  All of which are guaranteed against equipment errors (if one of our devices fails during a recording session you don't pay for that time).  We use nothing but high quality microphones and processing gear, so the recordings are of a truly professional caliber.


Studio Recording

Our recording studio is located off of route 12 in Fox lake.  The studio is limited in availability, so this may not be the best option for bands that want their CD right NOW.   

Studio recording: $17.50/hr


On-sight recording

All of Gadjet Productions' gear is extremely mobile, so we can record right in your band's practice space or anywhere the band feels it will get the best sound.


On-sight recording: $15/hr  (may be higher based on location)


Multi-track live recording

Gadjet Productions will go to your live event and record all of your instruments individually and mix it down in a studio environment.  The live mix is unaffected by this and it should not hinder the performance in any way.

Multi-track live recording: $150 (may be higher based on location)


Live recording

This option is to just simply have Gadjet Productions come to your live event and record a CD using ambient mics.  There are two options within this category.  You can either just simply take the live recording immediately after the event to hear analyze the performance, or you can have Gadjet Productions edit out unwanted noise and put the music on standard CD tracks with appropriate effects so that the recordings can be sold.

Live recording (unedited) $50

Live recording (edited) $80


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