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With an old school, "now sound", a bump-and-grind feel, and a roadhouse zest Tafoya's Lost Boyzz captures and tickles the happy bone in everyone's heart.\

Michael Tafoya - Guitar and vocals

First gained international attention with Epic recording artists, "The Boyzz from Illinoizz", with Dirty Dan Buck and company, releasing their album "Too Wild To Tame" (Epic Records). In the search of greener, creative pastures, Michael forms "The B'zz", also Epic recording artists. "The B'zz", featuring Tommy Holland (Holland "Wake Up The Neighborhood"), Steve Riley, (W.A.S.P. and L.A. Guns), Dave Angel, (The Boyzz) and Anatoly Halincovich, (a.k.a. Tony Hall) (The Boyzz, "America's Most Wanted"), went on to make an appearance on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, making history being the only unsigned act to perform in the show's 35 year run. Then, filmed a video for MTV, "Get Up, Get Angry", toured the country, all while writing music prolifically.

Michael went on later to form his own "Tafoya" band, which evolved into "Raw Dogs" (again with Tommy Holland). He as been rock and rolling for decades with nothing in his bones to slow his creative flow!

Chis McCoy - Drums and Vocals

Chris' life is a true, made for T.V. rock and roll story.

Chris was conceived in the back seat of a '68 Chevy, near Notre Dame University, in LaPorte, Indiana. His father, Terry W., played drums and Uncle Al, played accordion and then guitar professionally for the "Rockin' Riveria's". They scored the MEGA-SURF hit "California Sun", (co-penned by Uncle Al).

Chris has been holding drum sticks since he was able to grab them and actually started learning the drums at 10 and then began rocking at 14 with his first "very own" drum kit from his pop. And, the rest… you got it…is history!

Erik Osland - Bass and Vocals

Erik started playing Bass at age 7 and by 12 he was playing in various Lake County clubs with his father. He eventually picked up drums and guitar as well.

Erik has played with various local bands, promoted teen concerts and has a recording and sound reinforcement business ("Gadjet Productions"),


Michael has traveled the country since 1999 in search of a band that is finally able to capture his vision of what an "entertaining and musically rich in feel" band is supposed to be about. "I heard this band once and woke up", says Michael.

 This outfit is definitely a diverse bunch, just like the music they play. Also just like the music they converge into a single point of view…Big sound, hip shaking, visually formidable, and zesty old school "now" sound. Michael's search led to…

Don’t' miss our debut album.

Due for release Soon!!!

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